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Teff is the ancient grain of Ethiopia, used to make Injera.  Though Teff is unique to Ethiopia, it is diverse in color and habitat. Teff is a member o the grass genus Eragrostis or lovegrass. Teff will grow in many areas, but it is not an easy crop to farm. One problem in particular is that the weight of the grain bends the stem to the ground.

Ethiopians depend on Teff Injera, as a staple of their diet. Teff is known as nutritional miracle food. It contains two to three times the iron of wheat or barley. The calcium, potassium and other essential minerals are also many times what would be found in an equal amount of other grains. Teff has 14% protein, 3% fat and 81% complex carbohydrate. Teff is the only grain to have symbiotic yeast. Like grapes, the yeast is on the grain so no yeast is added in the preparation of Injera.

Teff is milled to flour and made into batter. The batter is allowed to sit so the yeast can become active much like the process of making sourdough bread. When the batter is ready it is poured on a large flat oven and allowed to cook. This process is much harder than it sounds and it is recommended buying a starter kit from a local market or restaurant to get you going.